The best software solution for Mental Health Practices.

Upgrade Your Mental Health Practice

Experience the seamless synergy of an automated, secure, integrated, and scalable software suite designed to boost productivity and enhance workflows for any practice size.

An all-in-one software solution for mental health professionals

Electronic Health Records

Update and access patient records, clinical notes, diagnoses, prescriptions, and more, on one secure platform.


Document and securely share important client data between clinicians to improve treatment outcomes.


Consult with clients on the go via HIPAA-compliant video, audio, and
text consultations.

Appointments & Reminders

Send reminders and schedule appointments whenever you need to.

Administrative Portal

Centralize your admin management and resources within a secure, online

Client Portal

Streamline client communication and engagement within personalized, and secure portal.

Client Mobile App

Give your clients access to your practice on the go with a mobile app customized for your practice.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights about your clients' behavior and operations to make data-driven decisions.

Client Messaging

Securely communicate with clients via your provider portal's client messaging


Simplify client payments with the MentBay eWallet system and online credit card

Claims & Billing Administration

Electronically file primary and secondary insurance claims in minutes.

Pre-consultation Forms

Optimize efficiency for both patients and your team using automated electronic forms seamlessly integrated into the client profile.

Additional Benefits

Your trusted partner in mental health
practice management solutions

Explore the ultimate practice management platform exclusively built for
solo and group mental health and wellness practitioners.

Continuous Learning for Exceptional Care

Stay licensed with our learning reminders. Elevate expertise and client care by defining your annual CE goals.

Simplified Practice Management

Take back the time you spend on repetitive administrative tasks and focus more on caring for your clients.

Dedicated support to help you achieve your goals

We will guide you through the transition from fragmented software solutions to MentBay.

Custom Requests

Our software can be customized to suit the unique needs of your business or practice.

24/7 Support

Rely on an all-star customer success team that’s there for you every step of the way.

Client Reviews

Automatically get feedback from clients after each appointment, encouraging them to share positive experiences of working with you.

Access all the tools you need to consult
with patients in one integrated platform

Grow your patient base and experience the convenience and effectiveness of our integrated
platform. Join our community of mental health professionals today.

Personalized Portal

Set up your profile and allow patients to meet you before consulting with you via our personalized provider portal.

Patient Consultations

Get your patients to sign up for free on MentBay Care and schedule appointments with you. You also get patient referrals from MentBay

Manage Appointments

With our appointment and reminder tool, you can save time and reduce no-shows. Schedule your availability, accept patient appointments, and receive two-way appointment reminders.

Pricing and Payments

Set your consultation rates, receive payments from patients directly into your e-wallet, and get credited directly into your bank account bi-weekly.

Client History

Evaluate pertinent health history before a scheduled session, including past mental health diagnoses, medications, family history, and more, to ensure the best possible care.

Virtual Sessions

Enhance engagement with virtual tools that let you communicate effectively with patients.

HIPAA Compliant

Use MentBay Care with the assurance that your information and patient communication are private.

Client Experience

Make payments, request appointments, and consult with you via the secure video, voice, or chat feature on MentBay Care.

MentBay Care

Access a diverse network of licensed mental
health professionals to meet your unique needs.

Grow your patient base and experience the convenience and effectiveness of our integrated
platform. Join our community of mental health professionals today.

For Individuals
MentBay Care allows you to search for professionals based on various criteria, such as specialties, location, availability, and more. Finding the perfect fit for your mental health care is just a few clicks away.

For Corporates
Empower your team to embark on their mental health journeys. MentBay facilitates access to a diverse network of licensed professionals and a personalized selection process, ensuring your team finds the right fit for their specific needs.

Sign up for free, get matched to a list of providers that match your needs, select a provider, book an appointment, securely communicate with your chosen mental health professional, and keep track of your progress effortlessly.
We support out-of-pocket payments and insurance coverage to ensure that you consult with confidence and peace of mind with our mental health professionals.

Our Offerings

Collaborate with your provider about your care and treatment. Have access to view and keep your medical records up-to-date to reduce the chances of misdiagnosis and improve treatment outcomes.
Schedule appointments with providers whenever you need to and get reminders ahead of your consultation.
Consult with your providers from anywhere using video, audio, and text consultation formats.
Access the care you need through a personalized and secure online portal.
Access your EMR, book appointments, and have consultations with providers from your Android or iPhone.
Pay for consultations and medications directly from your eWallet with ease. Simply fund your eWallet and start accessing care.
Receive excellent customer support from a team that’s dedicated to guiding you at every stage of your journey.

Why MentBay Care?

Get care when you need it at your convenience

Choose your mental health provider, schedule appointments, conduct secure video, audio, or chat consultations, connect with your specialist, collaborate on your medical record, and track your progress seamlessly. Your well-being is our priority, and our dedicated mental health providers are here to support you at every step.
MentBay Care is built with robust security measures to protect your personal information and ensure your privacy is upheld at all times.
A team of licensed and seasoned mental health specialists are here to help you on your path toward better mental health and personal growth.